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Corporate photography in Mexico

Corporate photography in Mexico

When the opportunity to come to Mexico and to start working as an archaeologist presented itself, I didn't have to think twice. Not only would it allow me to develop myself academically,  it would also mean a fantastic photographic opportunity. And it has been an incredible journey so far, one that continues to amaze me every single day.


One of the things I noticed early on was the lack of professional and quality corporate photography services in Mexico. There are many excellent photographers here, with some even offering some kind of event photography, but in my opinion the overall quality of those services leaves a lot to be desired. That was the main reason for me to decide to focus my attention back to corporate photography. I had years of experience as a corporate photographer in Holland and my background in marketing has always provided me with an excellent understanding of the specific needs of a business when it comes to professional photography.


I started bringing together a team of talented photographers, where my goal was to work with the very best. And that is where Conference Photography Mexico is at the moment. We have formed a flexible group of experienced corporate photographers who are highly motivated to deliver their very best and are able to produce the highest standard in corporate photography in Mexico. Contact us for a custom quote or for more detailed information about our services and leave everything to us!


Martijn Schuth