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Quality service

photography & VIDEO

The highest quality in corporate photography

Our team of photographers will capture the complete event, from the initial preparations and the construction of the booth, until the very end (and beyond if necessary.) Rest assured that all the required and standard shots are there: all the speakers and panels, the booth and its visitors, the candid shots, the interactions, handshakes, networking, the occasional group shot when the occasion calls for it, the venue... It will all be there, instantly available for promotional use or publication and of the highest quality.



cool corporate outings

We offer cool corporate outings and other unique promotional opportunities

While you're in Mexico, why not take advantage of your time here and organize a corporate outing? Imagine the fantastic promotional opportunity this represents against a spectacular backdrop of ancient pyramids, lush jungles or a typical Mexican colonial town. Apart from being fun and educational, it will serve as a unique team building experience. We will gladly show you the options and arrange everything for you. We will even provide an expert guide (we have several archaeologists in our team.) Just leave it to us!

Additional services

We can advise you on locations and help you organize your time efficiently

Usually everything is taken care of when preparing for an international corporate event. However sometimes you need to make last minute adjustments, or unplanned opportunities present themselves. We can also help in these situations, by providing information, offering suggestions or making use of our extensive (corporate event related) network and infrastructure.


This way, we are able to help and advise you on accommodation, locations for meetings or dining, A/V installations, day trips et cetera. This is a service we gladly provide in order to make your event go as smoothly and worry-free as possible

worldwide coverage

Although we mainly operate within Mexico, we are more than willing to discuss the possibility of extending our services to other countries in Latin America.


And in case you have an event in Europe, we recommend our partner Conference Photography Amsterdam, who is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, but also operate in other major European cities such as London, Berlin and Vienna.